Interview basics, part 2: 10 things to do during your next interview

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Sometimes, simple things like using your key senses and natural communication systems can be all you need to achieve great results - especially during an interview.

From basic things (like remembering to breathe) to more specialized techniques (like using your strong points to lead the conversation and how to maintain a good eye contact with your interviewer) below we’ve listed the 10 top things you should definitely keep in mind while sitting opposite your interviewer!

1. Breathe

Do not underestimate the power of breathing. Sometimes it can be all you need to stay relaxed, control your mind and focus on what your interviewer has to say!

2. Listen

Breathing and staying relaxed will also help you listen better to what your interviewer asks you or has to say about the company. If you are able to listen to all new incoming information without stress, you will be able to answer more questions correctly plus show you value your interviewers’ opinions.

3. Look

Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer. A good tip that works is to try and look between their eyes.

4. Use your own voice

Try not to speak too loudly – unless your voice is loud by default - and use your own voice rather than a “formal” public speaking voice. Try to use words that you actually use and imagine talking to a group of friends. Being yourself will allow you to come across as an authentic and confident individual!

5. Answer questions honestly

It’s perfectly acceptable to let your interviewer know that you don’t have experience on a specific subject. Making up fake answers can include many risks, from not convincing your interviewer to making them think you’re not the right person to trust with serious responsibilities. Highlight the fact that you are a fast learner and direct the conversation towards your positive attributes!

6. Discuss your achievements

Approach your interviewer’s questions as opportunities to present your achievements. Let them know about your professional and academic successes and quantify them wherever possible by presenting facts and figures.

7. Engage

Use the interviewer's name as you speak – this will establish a connection between the two of you, show you’re taking this seriously and that you demonstrate real interest in the conversation.

8. Ask questions

What are the company's plans over the next 2-3 years? What are the backgrounds of the rest of the team? What are their expectations of new employees in the first 6 months? Asking questions demonstrates your interest in the company and shows that you really pay attention and care about what your interviewer has to say. Remember to ask questions – and be genuinely interested in the reply!

9. Stand up while you wait

Stay standing in the boardroom while waiting for your interviewers – this will allow you to feel more confident, as you will be on their level as you first meet them.

10. Show your hands and sit comfortably

Showing your hands during an interview can be perceived as a sign of openness and honesty. Finding a good sitting position will also help you with that, especially if you lean slightly forward so that you’re closer to your interviewers and show that you pay attention (just to be safe, never trust the back of a chair!).

Simplicity is the key! Remember to also check out the first chapter of our interview basics with some amazing pre-interview preparation tips!