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Designed for leaders & managers.

The industry’s gold standard when it comes to leadership coaching training for organizations, the “Coaching for authentic leadership” workshop creates outstanding results for the leaders and managers who wish to develop a coaching leadership style without necessarily becoming coaches and unleash potential in themselves and their teams.

What does the workshop cover?

Our 2-day “Coaching for authentic leadership” workshop (Foundation):

  • Analyses the qualities of coaching as a powerful management and leadership tool and its value to engage people at a high level
  • Examines the “when” and “how” coaching should be used
  • Explains why coaching is a valuable skill for motivating team members, understanding their goals and helping them achieve them
  • Provides key techniques of effective coaching development for all personality types

Our workshop takes advantage of accelerated learning techniques and provides cutting-edge management development through an experiential and highly-interactive learning approach. Clients can schedule a workshop in the iTechScope headquarters or at the premises of their choice and customize its content to meet their organization’s unique requirements and strategic objectives.

The workshop process

During the workshop, our coaching technique focuses on real-life examples. We follow a “learning by doing” approach that has been proven successful with even the most sceptical or reluctant of participants. This approach allows us to achieve learning through insightful peer and facilitator feedback.

What are the benefits of joining the workshop?



Team performance improvement



Motivation and drive of team members



That assessing when coaching is the appropriate leadership style to demonstrate



Communication style and opting for the adequate coaching model to apply with the team



Of a unique coaching culture within the team and the organisation

“Coaching for authentic leadership” workshop overview

Through our “Coaching for authentic leadership” workshops, professionals discover the attributes of an effective coaching cycle and learn how to:

why itechscope
  • Use different coaching techniques
  • Establish a strong coaching culture within their team or organisation
  • Evaluate outcomes for further development
  • Explore different personality types and attitudes
  • Learn effective models of communication
  • Identify and process limiting beliefs
  • Develop their coaching style through practice

Who benefits?

The “Coaching for authentic leadership” workshop offers a unique opportunity for leaders and managers to develop an authentic and powerful leadership coaching-style and empowers organizations to create a culture based on trust, transparency and authenticity.

Coaching for leadership training is especially suitable for:


Leaders / managers

Who wish to develop a leadership coaching style


Leaders /managers

Who are looking to implement organizational changes


HR and L&D

Professionals who wish to retain and develop talent


HR and L&D

Professionals who wish to have a taste of coaching prior to enrolling in a coaching certification process