Site Engineer (Civil Engineer)

Site Engineer

On behalf of our client, a well-established company in the local and EU constructions area, we are currently looking for a self-driven Site Engineer (Civil Engineer), to join their construction team based in Athens International Airport.

A day in the life of a ‘Site Engineer’

  • Project Monitoring and Supervision: Ensure presence at construction sites to monitor progress and report any issues that arise during the work.
  • Quality Control: Ensure that work is carried out according to technical specifications, quality standards, and maintains an excellent site image.
  • Time Management: Ensure and update that the work is completed within the predetermined time frames according to the schedule.
  • Health and Safety: Oversee compliance with health and safety regulations at the workplace and ensure that workers adhere to these rules.
  • Communication and Reporting: Maintain contact with the site engineer and project manager, providing reports on project progress and any issues that arise.
  • Conducting Measurements: Perform preliminary and final measurements of the work and the required materials for orders.
  • ERP Program Updates: Assist in updating the ERP program for the projects under supervision, particularly in the order command circuit.


  • Decision-Making Ability: To be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently, especially in cases where urgent solutions are required
  • Problem Solving Skills: Be able to identify and solve problems that arise during construction
  • Persistence and Managing Difficulties: Persistence in achieving goals, even when obstacles and difficulties arise
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Adapt to changes and unforeseen situations with composure and efficiency
  • Communication skills: Must be able to communicate effectively with suppliers, teams, customers and other departments of the company
  • Familiarity with Administrative Structures: Must know and be familiar with the procedures and administrative structures of large technical companies
  • Knowledge of Legislation and Regulations: Knowledge of the legislation and regulations governing construction projects. Perception and understanding of the legal terms of project contracts

In addition

  • University Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to travel according to the projects’ needs

Work Experience

  • Εxperience in the Construction Industry of which at least 2-3 years preferable with Fit-Out project
  • Experience on at least 1 construction/building project with a budget of more than 5 million


  • Group Insurance Program
  • Learning budget for courses and certifications
  • Goal achievement bonus
  • Transportation/Accommodation package and extra allowance for off-sites
  • Employees check-up
  • Full equipment package
  • Healthy habits program
  • Employee wellbeing
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Stavros Balios

Associate Consultant

REFERENCE: job000024131