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We are iTechScope, a global
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Who we are

iTechScope stands as a prominent international technology recruitment agency, with a notable presence in key global cities such as Athens, Lisbon, London, and New York. We are distinguished for our commitment to delivering customized services to candidates and providing tailored technical solutions to businesses of varying scales, ranging from innovative startups to prestigious multinational corporations.

Due to our extensive knowledge on both local and international markets, we have the ability to understand and provide the most suitable solutions to both our clients and candidates. 

Our headhunters are the linchpin to our success and thanks to them we are able to grow and offer an unparalleled experience to our collaborators.

We cover the sectors of IT, Digital Marketing and Engineering, from junior to senior and executive profiles. We love seeking out ambitious, highly-qualified candidates and stick by their side during the entire process of finding the ideal position for them.





Built on the foundation of a positive work environment we are happy to present our ever growing team of highly qualified professionals. Our headhunters are the linchpin to our success and thanks to them we were able to grow and reach our goals throughout our presence in the industry.

Employee development is a priority within our company culture and ensures that our team stays well-informed on industry trends and best practices, as well as equipped with new skills.


We partner only with the best; our headhunters are trained to find top talent and locate individuals who meet your specific job requirements.

We understand the competitive advantage of cultural flexibility and we strive for a culturally-diverse workforce with mutual understanding, so that recruiters, clients and employees can learn from, and better interact with each other.


We provide comprehensive support, access to our robust network and a full scope of solutions to everything related to IT, Digital Marketing and Engineering.

We discover the most ambitious and qualified candidates, from junior to senior and executive profiles. We make sure to guide them throughout the entire process of finding their dream job.


A little more than a decade since iTechScope was  established, we are proud to possess a robust, professional and multi-channelled network, always providing new opportunities for our candidates and clients.


We strive for long-term professional relationships, while offering premium recruitment services and covering both on site and remote roles with profiles that range from junior to senior and executive.

We conduct niche market insight including resourcing strategies, retention and turnover surveys, hiring and salary trends, employer branding, diversity monitoring and updated information of the latest market changes.

About us - Become part of our Team
Become part of our Team

Join a global tech recruitment agency with presence in Athens, Lisbon, London and New York and become an expert in the field.

You will enjoy:

A culturally diverse workplace with a fresh and dynamic environment that will inspire you.

An attractive benefit package including  flexibility and work-life balance.

A Career Progression Plan.

Lifelong learning approaches, training and new opportunities tailored to your talents and skills.

Α hybrid work model, fostering both equality and integrity among its employees as the cornerstone of its operational ethos.