Our history

  • 2011
    The world needs top tech professionals, and we know where to find them.

    Combining our successful experience in the UK market with the increase of the global demand of IT professionals, the first milestone is reached.     

    iTechScope the #1 Tech recruitment agency in Greece, is established in Athens.

  • 2013
    A small step for iTechScope; a big step for our candidates.

    We identify and acquire our first top talents, welcoming them on board. We are beyond excited to introduce them to businesses across Europe. Partnering with prestigious tech companies in Europe was a defining moment and a great driving force of motivation for the years to come for iTechScope.

  • 2014
    Our team; the secret to our success.

    We are growing steadily; having formed a team of qualified and highly specialized professionals. Each member of our team always brings great energy, inspiring us to strive for the best.

  • 2016
    We have a vision, not a simple mission, and always with the help of great people.

    iTechScope becomes bigger and bubbling with excitement as we share our vision with people committed to their profession, genuinely excited about what they do.

  • 2017
    Leading the way with an internal Coaching department.

    We are excited to announce that we become one of the very few recruitment agencies in Europe with an in-house Coaching department, a unique new feature for iTechScope.

    We know our people are our best asset and we want to be by their side.

  • 2018
    Always growing, expanding, evolving.

    Our business model is evolving and our team is growing and transforming. New members come on board adding new resources, competences and endless positive energy. This explosive combination made us stand out on the European map of successful recruitment companies.

  • 2019
    Introducing iTechScope’s platform.

    We are thrilled to share with the world our brand new recruitment platform: a powerful tool designed to find, analyze, and engage the right people for maximum results with minimum effort.

  • 2020
    Embracing the new era of Recruitment.

    In the wake of COVID-19, we develop new skills and together, we accelerate to the top through the booming and ever changing markets.

    The pandemic is transforming recruiting and hiring and we are there to assist companies and candidates with all their needs while remote work becomes the new normal, and staying safe is the main priority.

  • 2021
    Flourishing, thriving & leading the way.

    A very successful year for iTechScope! We make our highest priority the ensurement of continued high quality services to companies and candidates, while helping them navigate the new normal of the post-COVID world.

  • 2022
    Consolidating our path.

    We keep building and expanding to new challenges and markets by adding the newest member of iTechScope family, in Lisbon, Portugal.
    Our team is developing, evolving and capitalizing on its strong expertise, while our teamwork and spirit are exceptional.
    Our commitment towards our clients and candidates is steadfast.
    Our mission and vision are stronger than ever; Remember…

    We connect Stars with Galaxies!