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Certainly not. Whether you are happily employed, ready to make the next big step or just want to keep up with different career options, latest job market trends & needs, you will definitely benefit from registering in our database as we offer holistic services for every professional.

Yes. All job vacancies advertised oniTechScope’s website & platform are genuine, and all adverts are written by experienced recruiters who truly understand the importance of providing a detailed description for each job vacancy.

Each one of our IT expert recruiters is specialized in a unique niche recruitment market. This allows us to deliver fast results, develop in-depth market knowledge, as well as a better perspective on the industries and roles we’re recruiting for. We create our own unique professional network of candidates & global corporate leaders.

We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Interview preparation
  • Post interview feedback
  • Job placements on a global scale
  • Ongoing professional support. We like to think of our collaboration as a long-term partnership.
Job applications

The first thing we do is contact you, when a role matches your profile, to further discuss your professional background and get a deep understanding of your career goals. After this process, we are able to suggest the most suitable vacancies for you and share your resume with clients that offer roles which best suit you. From that point onward, we will be responsible for representing you to these companies and arrange all necessary interviews and meetings, as well as providing you with regular feedback until you successfully receive an official job offer. After starting your new professional role, we follow up with you to confirm your overall satisfaction.

After each interview, we provide meaningful feedback and analyze the candidate's impressions.

We inform you at every step and phase of the interview process.


Yes! You can apply for as many jobs as fit your profile.

If you already have an account, you should click on the “Apply now” button and fill in the application form of the job vacancy you are interested in. In case you don’t have an account, you need to create one and follow the aforementioned steps.

User’s privacy

We only provide access to the data of your CV and cover letter always following your approval. If the potential employer needs more or other information, we will share it only after your explicit consent.

You can request the deletion of your account by clicking on the relevant button, located in the 'My Account' page, under the 'Sections' option.

You definitely can. We will not present your resume to any of our clients without your consent.

Absolutely. We only present your resume to companies that are selected by you & only following your instructions.

iTechScope has exclusive access to your data and is committed to protecting your privacy and any other form of information you share with us. 

Read more about your privacy on the Privacy Policy here.