Sourcing the best professionals & creating
long-term partnerships!

We are a niche Tech recruitment agency that possesses in-depth knowledge of the market and delivers high-quality services to our clients. Our headhunters are experts in their fields, always up-to-date with current market conditions and able to fulfill your exact requirements in IT, Digital Marketing & Engineering.

Partners, not providers

At iTechScope, it is our aim to ensure that our clients see us as business partners rather than just service providers. We invest time in identifying your culture, values, resourcing requirements and recruitment process and understand what an ‘ideal candidate’ means to you. This allows us to generate a customized recruiting-experience and dive into our candidate database to select top talent with the experience and the skills that correspond to your exact needs.

We Got you Covered

As your company grows, fulfilling your recruitment needs & supporting your evolution by reacting to industry trends and market forces is at the top of our list. We aim to become your official ambassadors & successful extension of your business and HR department by properly selecting shortlisted candidates while demonstrating the values, long-term opportunities and commitment of your company. 

We Keep you Updated

Our headhunters keep you up to date with trends and changes in the recruitment sectors of our specialization in Europe, America & Middle East. We boast deep knowledge of the local markets, international expertise and niche industry experience, all with unrivaled levels of excellence.

We Stand by your Side

At iTechScope, we are committed to providing support to our clients throughout the entire recruitment life cycle and present candidates that are fully compliant with the company’s culture and the latest industry trends.


We Connect Top Talent with Great Opportunities

We Connect Top Talents with Great Opportunities


Get in touch with us to discuss your employment needs and requirements

Get in touch with us to discuss your employment needs and requirements


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    Why work with us

    We are a niche Tech Recruitment Agency that specializes in IT, Digital Marketing & Engineering, while offering a flexible and competitive business model based on tangible results. Each of our headhunters focuses on a different industry and is able to present fast results and a deep knowledge of the market.

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    What we offer

    We offer the most specialized workforce in IT, Digital Marketing & Engineering. Our fast-paced sourcing methods and broad network of skilled professionals will find the best possible candidates for your job vacancy while saving you the time of wading through multitude resumes of unqualified applicants. In addition to seeking out the employee that best fits the culture of your company, we will handle the most time-consuming procedures of the hiring process including detailed interviews and technical tests.

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    How we support you

    Our goal is to offer premium quality recruitment services, to optimize the chances of long-term collaborations and guarantee the highest employee retention for your business. Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs or submit via email a job description of the vacancy you want to cover.