Hiring process

The scope of success by hiring the right professionals

Finding, identifying and hiring the best fit for your business can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Our targeted headhunting of top talents & expansive network allows you to access a pool of hard-to-find & specialized professionals through a proprietary process that matches both your timeline and budget.

Our step-by-step Hiring Process

Identifying your Hiring Need

The first thing on our list is to gain insight into your corporate culture and goals and then to understand what an ‘ideal candidate’ means to you and your company. This allows us to generate a customized recruiting experience and create a list of job requirements, including the exact qualifications, characteristics and experience you are looking for.

Identifying the hiring need
Planning & advertising
Creating, Posting & Advertising

The agreed-upon job requirements and candidate profile allow us to form the base for the job description. Once the job description is finalized, we post and advertise the vacancy on our corporate online job platform, on our social media channels and on the best tech job boards. In the meantime, we discuss with you the criteria for the initial candidate screening and interview questions.

Headhunting & Searching

We conduct comprehensive searches via social media, jobsites, recommendations and industry events to attract qualified candidates that are actively searching for new jobs. We also use our company’s unique platform that contains more than 35,000 active profiles to maximize our reach to potential candidates. We then create a hub for your roles through a customized search for each role and simultaneously reach all relevant talent in our network including the most appropriate and qualified talent.

Applicant screening
Applicant Screening

As job applications arrive, our headhunters review résumés based on the criteria established in the second step. Unqualified candidates’ applications are withdrawn from the applicant pool. At this stage of the hiring process, we strictly select only the best applicants through in-depth competency-based interviews and technical tests.

Talent Assessment & Background Check

We finalize the shortlist of candidates that is sent to the client. Afterwards, we get feedback and start organizing interviews by always adapting our process depending on the companies’ hiring procedures. At the same time we run background checks to verify the candidates’ employment history and eligibility. 

Applicant talent assessment & background check
Reference checks & hiring
Reference Checks & Hiring

We check for references on the preferred candidates and collect details on their job performance, strengths, and weaknesses. Once the choice is agreed on, we negotiate the offer between you and the candidate and confirm the candidate's starting date. If no candidates meet the hiring criteria, the hiring process will start over.