4 Reasons Developers are Rock Stars

 4 Reasons Developers are Rock Stars

1. They don’t have to wear a suit to make 6 figures

Developers always have the coolest t-shirts and sneakers. No suits, no shirts, no polished leather shoes to prove their worth. It’s all in the code, not the dress code, get it?

2. They get away with stuff

What is unacceptable at everybody else’s office life, is natural if you are a developer. You’re late, it means you are perfecting something. You didn’t reply to that email, you’re super busy thinking of your next great idea.

3. They work from anywhere

Do you spend the whole summer island-hopping? Do you get on a plane to somewhere else when you’ve had enough of your local charm? Do you grab your laptop to the next rental in a city you don’t know? Yep, we knew you look familiar…

4. They are wanted all around the world

Which makes them choosers. There’s a particular kind of charm to choosers. They are free, limitless, and uncompromised. They carry themselves better than the rest of us. They’re without doubt the rock stars of our time.