Does your CV Cover these 5 Points?

Does your CV Cover these 5 Points?

As the co-founder and CEO of Aha! Brian de Haaff points out in his Linkedin article Your Resume Is in the Trash — 5 Questions Tell You Why, it is not about making yourself look good, it’s about making the hiring manager feel good about your professional character.

Haaff suggests you ask yourself 5 questions before sending in your application:

1. Am I being considerate?

Respect the hiring manager’s time by making sure you meet most of the criteria; include a to-the-point cover letter along with a short and focused resume that highlights the experience the company made clear they’re looking for.

2. Are my goals mentioned and praised?

Create a results-driven resume to bring your major accomplishments forward, show that you’re focused on achievement and working  hard to reach your goals.  

3. Am I using too many clichés?

Do not take the safe road of using industry phrases to spice up your resume. Instead, be confident about your results and include clear descriptions of your responsibilities and achievements in previous positions.

4. Am I a team player?  

Give credit to former co-workers for results that you have achieved as members of the same team to show that you are an inspiring and trustworthy team player. 

5. Am I exaggerating my skills?

Be honest from the beginning and, if you lack some skills, show that you are eager to learn.

Interviews are a unique opportunity to show who you are as a professional and as an individual - use it to your advantage by submitting a content-specific, time-respectful resume.