Remote Renaissance: Athens Breaks Into the World's Top 20 for Flexible Work!

Remote Renaissance: Athens Breaks Into the World's Top 20 for Flexible Work!

Athens, the enchanting capital of Greece, has solidified its standing as a premier global destination for remote workers, according to a comprehensive study by WorkMotion, a respected human resources platform. Among the eighty-five cities assessed worldwide, Athens claims the seventeenth spot, closely following Budapest and Oslo, and preceding Wellington and Bangkok. Barcelona, Dubai, Prague, Madrid, and Melbourne lead the rankings.

The study meticulously evaluated various critical factors crucial for remote workers, encompassing the availability of an institutional framework for remote work visas, infrastructure quality, security, access to the healthcare system, real estate availability, transportation, taxation, and social security contributions. Furthermore, it scrutinized the costs associated with basic necessities such as food and energy.

Athens has garnered praise for its lifestyle offerings tailored for remote workers, incorporating sightseeing and a lively nightlife. The city is particularly esteemed for its efficient transportation infrastructure and commendable healthcare system. Notably, the introduction of the digital nomad visa in 2021 significantly contributed to Athens' burgeoning appeal as a remote work hub.

While Athens excels in affordability regarding rental costs and basic living expenses, the study flagged challenges related to taxation and social security. Despite an overall favorable ranking, Athens found itself in sixty-third place in this specific area.

The Greek Digital Nomad Visa: Opening Doors to Remote Work in Greece

The Greek government introduced the Greek Digital Nomad Visa in the summer of 2021, providing an opportunity for remote workers and online entrepreneurs to reside and work in Greece for up to two years. Applicants, irrespective of EU citizenship, must meet specific criteria, including a monthly income of at least €3,500 and evidence of remote work. For those accompanied by a spouse and/or one dependent, the monthly income requirement is €4,200.

The application process involves submitting the application in person at a Greek consulate or embassy. Successful applicants must then apply for a residency permit upon arrival in Greece. Initially valid for one year, the visa can be extended for an additional twelve months, subject to adherence to specific regulations, such as providing a valid passport, a clean criminal record, and proof of health insurance.

Athens' Resilient Position Since 2021

Since July 2021, Athens has consistently held a strong position as a favorable destination for digital nomads. A study by "Nestpick" ranked Athens thirty-first out of seventy-five cities worldwide for its attractiveness to digital nomads. While the city excels in areas such as equality, safety, and healthcare, there is room for improvement in aspects like "culture and leisure" and "remote work infrastructure."

In discussions with Greek Reporter, local industry experts emphasized the importance of fostering a shift in business culture and actively promoting the distinctive digital nomad lifestyle. Notable cities like New York, Paris, and Medellin also feature in the complete list, underscoring Athens' impressive global standing in the realm of remote work destinations.

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By Dr. Drossos Drossos, iTechScope Recruitment CMO