Engineering recruitment

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Whether looking for the skilled individuals you need to take your business to the next level or embark on a new and exciting career in engineering, iTechScope provides a wide range of services for employers and candidates alike to promote innovative and leading engineering projects around the globe.

Our dedicated team of engineering headhunters has years of combined industry experience and a deep knowledge of the sector. Drawing on our established networks and a wide range of sourcing tools, we help companies and professionals come together for a wide variety of engineering jobs. Our in-depth knowledge of the engineering jobs market allows us to offer real-time advice,  innovative solutions and a big engineering talent network.

iTechScope has assisted many job seekers and companies across the following specialties:


  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Design Engineering

  • Construction & Site Engineering

  • Document Control

  • Piping

  • Procurement & Costing

  • Estimation & Planning

  • Quality Engineering

  • Process Engineering

  • Production & Manufacturing

  • Building & Maintenance

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Project Management